Looking to save some BIG money on your infrastructure product needs? Our extras are now on sale at great prices to get them moving out of our stock yard and into use at your site.

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 Type 6 Precast Concrete Cable Chamber

Structure:Type 6 Cable Chambers (Toronto Hydro Specification 31-2120)
Price: $15,000 per chamber
Quantity: 2

Manufactured to meet Toronto specification 31-2120 these electrical chambers have epoxy reinforcement and built in duct terminators giving contractors versatility in cable locations. These two chambers are in great condition and are extras from a previous job.

MagnumStone Retaining Wall Block

Structure:MagnumStone Retaining Wall Block
Price: $100 per block

This large, hollow core, wet-cast segmental retaining wall system uses nearly half the amount of concrete per face foot when compared to traditional solid systems. The environmental and economical advantages of the MagnumStone product are unprecedented in the retaining wall industry. These pieces are being sold at a great price due to some chipping and colour variation. Call Anchor to learn more.

Small culvert

Structure: 2700 Span x 600 Rise x 2500 Long x 250mm Thick
Price: $1,200
Quantity: 1

Extra product that needs a home. Perfect for short span bridging. Some damage and exposed bar on the male side of the structure.

Small culvert

Structure: 2500 Span x 600 Rise x 2100 Long x 250mm Thick
Price: $1,200
Quantity: 1

Perfect for short span bridging, this culvert is surplus from a previous job.

Structure: Conspan Bridge
Price: $3,000
Quantity: 1

This piece of bridge is a beautiful solution for underpasses and small scale bridging. It is an extra piece from a past project. Call Anchor today for more information.

Redicast Surplus sale unfinished

Structure: Redicast 8 Service Building - no finish
Price: $3,500
Quantity: 1

Like the possibility of unfinished concrete? This is a completely equipped building complete with 18GA steel doors, a cast in door frame and vents offering you strength and durability. To finish you could consider staining this building or applying exterior cladding.

Light Pole Bases

Structure: 760 Dia x 3200mm Deep Pole Bases
Price: $150 each
Quantity: 16

These pole bases were not suitable on a past job because the PVC poles for electrical wiring are outside of the bolts (see photo). They have a beautiful architectural finish, are in good condition and are being sold at a great price!

 Concrete Slab

Structure: Concrete Slab: 760 Width x 3000 Long x 380mm
Price: $380
Quantity: 1

An extra product, this slab comes complete with swift lifts for easy lifting and placement.

Extra Monobase 2400 dia

Structure: Monobase Manhole & flat cap: 2400 Dia x 1520 Rise
Price: $1,600
Quantity: 1

This manhole comes with a flat cap. The structure is in good condition making it an economical choice for your application.

Electrical Manhole Extra

Structure: 1500 x 3000 x 150mm Electrical Manhole with duct
Price: $2,500
Quantity: 1

These electrical manholes are in good condition and are extra stock in our yard. They come complete with cast in duct terminators and are ready to be shipped to your site.