'We The People' for The Global Goals

May 2016: A healthier, more peaceful, and more prosperous world matters to all of us. Every organization and every person can play a role in achieving this future. That is why Anchor is spreading the word about the Global Goals initiative which includes goals like building resilient infrastructure that fosters innovation and sustainable industrialization, affordable and clean energy for everyone everywhere, good health and well-being for all people, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, protecting and restoring life above water and below and many more.

One of the primary ways do our part is by providing infrastructure that is sustainable and resilient to build healthy communities across North America.

Please visit The Global Goals for Sustainable Development to learn more.

Concrete Insurance Costs Less Than Wood In Midrise Buildings

March 2016:New GLOBE Advisors study finds insurance costs are more than six times greater for wood frame buildings than for concrete. The study entitled “Insurance Costs for Mid-Rise Wood Frame and Concrete Residential Buildings” was released March 21, 2016, it reveals a substantial gap in the risks and insurance rates between the two building systems.

The study identified four main reasons for the higher rates: 1) Greater fire peril, 2) Significantly higher moisture risk, 3) Climate Change and 4) Difficulty in obtaining insurance for wood frame structures.

Read more about the insurance costs of wood vs concrete structures.

Graph of insurance costs: wood vs concrete

Windmills are Things of Beauty

April 2015:Recently there has been a lot of debate surrounding the topic of windmills, especially in Ontario. David Suzuki, one of Canada’s leading academics on environmental protection thinks that "Windmills are things of beauty"… and Anchor agrees!

Read the full article from David Suzuki here: "Windmills are things of beauty"

Sustainability Award

Anchor Concrete Earns Sustainability Award

March 2015:Adequate lighting is essential for safe working conditions in a precast plant environment. By switching to new high efficiency LED lights Anchor Concrete was able to save on utilities while providing employees with a brighter working environment that drastically reduces hazardous hard to see areas. The LED lights also have the added advantage of turning on instantaneously, a big improvement over the old high pressure sodium lights that took 15 minutes to power up. By switching to LED lighting Anchor was also able to participate in a community program offered by the local energy provider aimed at reducing local utilities demand.
Before making the switch Anchor ran a trial of the new lighting to gather feedback from employees. One of these suggestions was to include automatic area specific sensors that turn lights on and off according to where workers are on the plant floor – especially useful in swing shifts when there are fewer staff. These automated light sensors are currently undergoing beta testing are expected to be fully implemented early 2015. The greatest thing about this project is its wide applicability – any plant can save expenses and provide improved working conditions by simply switching to LED lights and because of their exceptionally long lifespan, LEDs also reduce environmental loads on the earth making them a truly sustainable choice.

First Place Sustainability Award NPCA
Kingstonomics News of Anchor Concrete Sustainability Award Win
Creative Use of Precast First Place

Anchor Concrete Earns 1st Place in International Competition!

February 2014: The success of Anchor’s innovative large scale culverts continues to grow. Anchor Concrete was awarded first place in the Creative Use of Precast (CUP) Underground division by the National Precast Concrete Association for our first contribution to the 407 Eastern Expansion project, completed in November 2013.
This project is another shining example of how precast products substantially contribute to sustainable infrastructure development. The culvert design includes a natural stream bottom and a pathway for wildlife to cross under the road rather than above where danger to the animals and motorists would be imminent. On top of these eco-friendly features, Anchor’s innovative "clamshell" cantilever design make installation times exceptionally fast, allowing contractors to place each +35 metric tonne piece of precast in fewer than 7 minutes. In total the 88 piece 2,460 metric tonne culvert was delivered and installed in just 4 days providing significant time savings.
This is the second time Anchor has been honoured with first place in the CUP award. In 2012 Anchor won in the Above Ground division for 1.8 kilometers of reinforced concrete beams for Bombardier’s Monorail Test Track.

See the offical National Precast Concrete Association Press Release
Read our feature article Would You Like That Supersized?
Watch the installation video and take a look at the installation photos

Precast Solutions culvert cover

Would you like that Supersized?

February 2014:When it comes to precast culvert and highway 407 the answer is “Yes!”

Anchor is featured in the Winter 2014 edition of Precast Solutions. Check out our 407 “clamshell” cantilever culvert on the cover page and on the centerfold (pg. 16-17). And read our feature story Would You Like That Supersized?

Take a look at the winter 2014 issue of Precast Solutions Magazine

Rebar sculpture by artist Stefan Duerst

Local artist Stefan Duerst to Build Rebar Sculpture

January 2014: Anchor Concrete Products is proud to announce our partnership with local artist and blacksmith Stefan Duerst. Anchor has commissioned Stefan to build a large scale exterior sculpture to adorn our new office, which is currently in the planning stages.

The sculpture will be made entirely from our scrap metal and as such, will stand as a symbol of Anchor's continual efforts towards designing and building sustainable products and systems.

To see more of Stefan’s work please visit his website:  www.duerst.ca

Anchor Supports Martha's Table

$1125 Raised for Martha’s Table at the 2013 Anchor Christmas Party.

January 2014: Anchor is proud to announce our 2013 Company Christmas party raised $1125 for Martha’s Table, a non profit charitable organization in Kingston, Ontario that provides low cost nutritious meals to those in need.

Anchor would like to thank staff for their generosity and support of our local community.

Take a look at the letter from Martha's Table.

Anchor women showing their Mo

Anchor Supports Movember to Raise Awareness for Prostate Cancer.

November 2013: Anchor’s ladies are proud to show off their "Mo" in support of Movember. They proudly helped join the effort, and donned a little facial hair in the process, to raise awareness for men’s health.

Learn more about Movember by visiting the Canadian website.

Highway 407ETR Extension

November 2013: Ontarios supersized 407 highway extension requires supersized culvert and a quick, easy installation.

Anchor is proud to announce our recent contribution to the 407ETR extension. Our innovative clamshell cantileiver joint design allowed over 2,640 tonnes of precast to be installed in just 4 days.

These culverts will give wildlife a safe place to cross the road, provide paths for watercourses, and act as a short span bridge for motorists using the highway.

Take a look at the press release for more information on this project.


Follow Anchor Concrete on LinkedIn!

November 2013: The moment you have all been waiting for has finally arrived… Anchor Concrete is proud to announce our new Linkedin account!

Follow Anchor Concrete Products Limited today for exciting updates on our projects, products, and other industry and company news.

Premier Kathleen Wynne and Jeff Bradfield Image

Premier Kathleen Wynne and MPP John Gerretsen's visit Anchor!

May 2013: On Tuesday May 14, 2013 Anchor Concrete Products Limited was pleased to host Ontario’s Premier the Honourable Kathleen Wynne and the Honourable MPP John Gerretsen for a visit through our Kingston, Ontario precast concrete manufacturing facility.

This visit was made as part of the Liberal government’s commitment to Ontario infrastructure.

This visit was featured in Digital Pipe Digest, and the Kingston Whig Standard.

For more information and photos of the visit take a look at the Premiers YouTube channel and Flickr.

Anchor Concretes press release

Will to Win olympic men's eight rowing

Anchor Sponsors Local Olympic Athlete

August 2010: Anchor Concrete Products is proud to be a sponsor of our Canadian Olympic athletes and proud to help Canada go for the GOLD in the summer of 2012! Anchor has been a sponsor of Will Crothers, a Kingston native and a member of Canada’s men’s heavy 8’s rowing team since 2010. Follow Will and lend him your support!

Update: Will and the Men's 8 rowing team placed silver in the 2012 Olympic men's eight rowning team!

Congratulations to Willl and the Team!

bombardier monrail test track picture

Anchor Wins NPCA Creative Use of Precast Award!

February 2012: Part of Anchor Concrete Products Limited (Anchor’s) 1 to 3 year business plan is to diversify and broaden our product line by incorporating exceptional quality, precise engineering and innovation. We consider these building blocks to be the future of this company’s growth and that of the precast concrete industry.

These imporant qualities were employed by Anchor when producing the “Award Winning” 1.8 kilometres of reinforced precast concrete beams for Bombardier’s Monorail Test Track, helping to bring in the next generation of high speed rail transit.

Please review some of the attached documents for more information on this award: NPCA Submission, Bombardier Reference Letter NPCA Creative Use of Concrete Award letter and Bombardier Pitcures

Jeff Bradfield, CEO speach picture

A Concrete Plan

June 2011: Jeff Bradfield, president of Anchor Concrete Products, addresses a gathering on his site Wednesday morning during which provincial funding for a Bombardier test track was announced.

Please review the article at the Kingston Whig Standard's web site: Concrete plan article