Retaining Walls


The environmental and economical advantages of the precast hollow block MagnumStone product are unprecedented in the retaining wall industry.

Our MagnumStone product is a large block, hollow core, wet-cast segmental retaining wall system that uses nearly half the amount of concrete per square face foot when compared to traditional solid systems (which saves you money!). It is great when you need a retaining wall that can be planted and allow gravity flows, not to mention its beautiful exterior stone finish.

Top Cap

MagnumStone Top Cap


The MagnumStone System
MagnumStone Standard Unit
MagnumStone Standard Base Unit
MagnumStone Standard Top Unit
MagnumStone Half High Unit
MagnumStone Half High Base Unit
MagnumStone Half High Top Unit
MagnumStone End Cap Unit

Cross Sections

Geogrid Reinforced Wall Cross Section
Gravity Wall Cross Section
Positive Connection Cross Section
Double Deep Gravity Wall Cross Section
2.0 Ft Plantable Wall Cross Section
4.0 Ft Plantable Wall Cross Section
6.0 Ft Plantable Wall Cross Section

Design Details

Interlock/Drainage Detail
Railing In Core Detail
Swale Detail Detail
Inside Curve Detail
Outside Curve Detail
Inside Corner Detail
Outside Corner Detail
Steel/Concrete Wall Detail
Freestanding Double Sided Wall Detail

Gravity Wall Charts

Gravity Wall Charts
Double Deep Gravity Wall Charts
2.0 Ft Plantable Wall Charts
4.0 Ft Plantable Wall Charts
6.0 Ft Plantable Wall Charts

Gravity Wall Charts

Geogrid Specifications Guide

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Anchor Concrete’s L-Wall system are specially designed to resist soil pressures and stand up to weather changes that are inherent to the Canadian climate.

L-Wall comes in three standard profiles: 1220mm tall X 1220mm wide, 1830mm tall X 1220mm wide and, 2820mm tall X 3000mm wide. Whether you use it for retaining soil around rail transit, division walls, waste trenches or containment structures, the L-Wall is an exceptional choice for your retaining needs.

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Anchor Block

Anchor Block Gravity Wall System

Looking for something that stacks like lego?

Look no further than the Anchor Block! It is designed to be placed in units giving you flexibility in height and length. Anchor Block has a clean masonry look rounding out its engineered strength.

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