407 Eastern Expansion Culvert

Engineer: Anchor Concrete Products Limited
Contractor: Brennan Paving Ltd.
Structure: Custom Clamshell Cantilever Culvert

407 Culvert


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Quality Manager, 407 ECGP

Highway 407ETR was the world’s first electronic toll road, its popularity in Ontario lead to the province’s decision to build a $1 billion extension of the supersized highway requiring the supply of supersized culverts. Anchor's 407 culverts were designed with the environment in mind and serve multiple purposes including a short-span bridge, a natural bottom stream and an underpass for safe wildlife crossings.

The Anchor team worked with the 407 group to create high quality structures that would meet their design needs, challenging schedule, and the installer's need for a quick and efficient install. Anchor’s solution was an innovative, two piece, “clamshell” culvert that incorporated a “cantilever” joint. This design would allow the contractor to place the pieces using only a crane, eliminating the timely costs associated with the normal task of pulling the pieces together.

The first culvert is 76.6 metres (251’4”) long and consists of 88 culvert pieces with an overall height of 3.5 metres (11’8”) and a 9 meter (29’ 6”) span. Within just 4 days of delivery, a staggering 2,460 metric tonnes (2710 tons) of concrete was installed. The innovative cantilever joint allowed the installation of each section, weighing over 35 tonnes (38.6 tons) to be placed in less than seven minutes each.

The size of this culvert makes it one of the largest precast culverts in Ontario and it is more than just a quality structure; it is an integral part of developing sustainable highway infrastructure and protection for our natural wildlife.

407 Culvert Placement on Site
407 Culvert Install
407 Culvert bottom on truck
Award from NPCA for the Creative Use of Precast for the 407 Project