Ontario Power Generation Containment Tanks

Engineer: Anchor Concrete Products Limited
Contractor: Boyle Excavating Ltd.
Structure: 60,000 Litre Tanks

OPG Darlington Precast Concrete tank

The refurbishment of Ontario Power Generation's (OPG) Darlington Nuclear Generating Station required the supply of three 60,000 litre containment tanks to installation contractors at Boyle Excavating.

These tanks are used for leachate at the facility. To provide an exceptional sealing tank Xypex was added to the concrete mix design to assist in water tightness of the concrete. The monobase and monotop were delivered to the contractors site where they preassembled the monobase and monotops of the tanks in their own yard in order to apply a water proof coating to the tanks interiors and joints. Once assembled, the tanks were trucked to site and slung into excavation as one piece.

OPG's Darlington Nuclear plant began reconstruction in March 2014. OPG Darlington has a net output of 3,512 megawatts (MW) which supplies about 20% of Ontario's electricity needs and is one of the best performing nuclear power plants in the world.