Landmark Cinemas Retaining Wall

Engineer: Anchor Concrete Products Limited
Contractor: Gordon Barr Ltd.
Structure: MagnumStone Retaining Wall Block

Empire Theaters with MagnumStone Retaining Wall

The development of the new 10 screen Landmark Cinemas theatre complex in Kingston, Ontario is the latest addition to the new Kings Crossing Power Centre. The theater’s state of the art entertainment and building design aimed to give customers a luxurious cinema experience starting at the gate.

The topography of the site required the installation of retaining block around the perimeter of the development in order to retain the soil from eroding onto the road below. When deciding on a retaining product aesthetic appeal was critically important as the block was to be built up to frame the main entrance. The solution to the need for a beautiful, functional and easy to install retaining block was Anchor Concrete’s MagnumStone, a hollow core precast concrete block with a beautiful architectural finish. Anchor Concrete supplied 480 blocks to installation contractors Gordon Barr for placement, and the final landscape design speaks for itself.

Empire Theater
Gordon Barr installation
Magnumstone Landscaping