Anchor Concrete: A Sustainable Choice

“Innovation Through Engineering” is Anchor's slogan, but what does it really mean to you, to us and to end users?

We believe it means a better designed and functioning product from concept to creation, installation and end use. Today it is common knowledge that concrete is a sustainable and resilient product. When made correctly its usable lifespan can exceed 100 years, in fact there is still concrete in use from the roman era. It has low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC) making it a safe choice for applications interacting with both air and water and once it has reached the end of its life cycle it can be broken down and recycled. These are just the intrinsic qualities of concrete, but our designs go so much further.

We design to create efficiencies and reduce waste at every stage of the process; from what we put into our concrete and our production processes to how it is installed and used on a daily basis. To us innovation means building eco-effective infrastructure products that continuously improve the health and sustainability of our earth. To you innovation means time and cost savings on the job site and to the end user it means a better quality product that is safe to use and built to last.