Beat Canadian Winters With PRE-CAST Concrete

Cold weather concreting in CANADA can be a nightmare! It can sometimes double your project costs. It requires extra planning, labour, materials and equipment and the chances of producing concrete below acceptable quality are significantly increased. Sometimes jobsites crawl to a halt for days or completely stop work until winter is over, causing expensive delays. PRE-CAST concrete is an easier way!

Find out for yourself the additional steps, effort and stress it takes to pour concrete in place during Canadian winters by reading Lafarge`s 11 tips on how to work with concrete in cold weather. A few of these tips include: defrosting the subgrade before pouring, tarping and heating for days after pouring (heaters never to be left unattended). These 11 extra steps are required because concrete cures very slowly at low temperatures, is sensitive to sudden temperature drops and becomes worthless if it freezes.

At Anchor, we make getting quality concrete simple and affordable. We specialize in designing alternatives to poured in place concretes. Our concrete is PRE-CAST in indoor climate controlled conditions (including curing) where meeting quality requirements is easy. Once your product is built and cured in our plant, we can store, ship and facilitate placement of large quanitities of product in a short time frame. Anchor can accelerate your project schedule so you can continue to get the job done this winter.

Avoid the added expense, risk and headache of casting concrete in place in the depth of a Canadian winter. We can PRE-CAST your concrete to help you keep your job moving. Call us today to find out how we can change almost any cast in place project into PRE-CAST: 613-546-6683.

Three Sided Flat Top Bridge
Three Sided Flat Top Bridge

Watch this video to see how fast PRE-CAST structures can be Installed