Retaining Walls

MagnumStone – Boulder Finish

Precast hollow block provides unmatched environmental and economical advantages.

MagnumStone is a large block, hollow core, wet-cast segmental retaining wall system that uses nearly half the amount of concrete per square face foot when compared to traditional solid systems (which saves you money!). The weight reduction allows more pieces per truck load (saving you even more money!).

Its unique internal drainage system makes it the prime choice for environmentally friendly wall solutions.

Standard Base Block

610mm (D) x 610mm (H) x 1220mm (L) 

Weight: 630kg

Standard Riser Block

610mm (D) x 610mm (H) x 1220mm (L) 

Weight: 630kg

Standard Top Block

610mm (D) x 610mm (H) x 1220mm (L)

Weight: 553kg

Half-High Base Block

610mm (D) x 305mm (H) x 1220mm (L)

Weight: 330kg

Half-High Riser Block

610mm (D) x 305mm (H) x 1220mm (L)

Weight: 340kg

Half-High Top Block

610mm (D) x 305mm (H) x 1220mm (L)
Weight: 310kg

Standard Corner/End Unit

610mm (D) x 610mm (H) x 75mm (L)
Weight: 154kg

Half High Corner/End Unit

610mm (D) x 305mm (H) x 75mm (L)
Weight: 80kg

Technical Resources

Anchor Block Wall System  

The Anchor Block system is manufactured in t hree sizes giving you flexibility in height and length. Anchor Block is a solid block designed for industrial applications.

1/3 Anchor Block

900mm (W) x 600mm (H) x 900mm (L)

Top or Riser

Weight: 1200kg

2/3 Anchor Block

900mm (W) x 600mm (H) x 1800mm (L)

Top or Riser

Weight: 2300kg

Full Size Anchor Block

900mm (W) x 600mm (H) x 2700mm (L)

Top or Riser

Weight: 3500kg

L-Wall Retaining Wall System

We manufacture two standard sizes of L-Wall typically used for CN Rail or Metrolinx projects. Due to the efficiency of the design the L-Wall has been specified in many new applications such as containment structures, ramp retaining wall, shoreline erosion control, and wing walls. If the standard sizes won’t work, contact us for a custom solution.

4′ L-Wall

1220mm (W) x 1220mm (H) x 3050mm (L)

Weight: 2600kg

6′ L-Wall

1220mm (W) x 1830mm (H) x 3050mm (L)

Weight: 3300kg

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