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Retaining Walls

Anchor Block Wall System  

The Anchor Block system is manufactured in t hree sizes giving you flexibility in height and length. Anchor Block is a solid block designed for industrial applications.

1/3 Anchor Block

900mm (W) x 600mm (H) x 900mm (L)

Top or Riser

Weight: 1200kg

2/3 Anchor Block

900mm (W) x 600mm (H) x 1800mm (L)

Top or Riser

Weight: 2300kg

Full Size Anchor Block

900mm (W) x 600mm (H) x 2700mm (L)

Top or Riser

Weight: 3500kg

L-Wall Retaining Wall System

We manufacture two standard sizes of L-Wall typically used for CN Rail or Metrolinx projects. Due to the efficiency of the design the L-Wall has been specified in many new applications such as containment structures, ramp retaining wall, shoreline erosion control, and wing walls. If the standard sizes won’t work, contact us for a custom solution.

4′ L-Wall

1220mm (W) x 1220mm (H) x 3050mm (L)

Weight: 2600kg

6′ L-Wall

1220mm (W) x 1830mm (H) x 3050mm (L)

Weight: 3300kg

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